Company profile - english summary


Prosjektutvikling Midt-Norge AS was established in May 1987.

Prior to this establishment, the company’s owners and founders had wide and comprehensive experience from other consultant companies and the construction industry.

Our main focus and goal has always been the development of competence and professional skills, and our business philosophy is to offer top qualified consultant services in our fields to our customers. We have therefore become actively involved in “Rådgivende Ingeniøreres Forening” (RIF) – which is the Association of Consulting Engineers, Norway - both on a local and national level. The membership is a quality stamp and a guarantee that our customers are offered objective and independent consultancy. Our membership in RIF covers the fields of project management, building and construction technique and assessment, fire technology consultansy / fire safety, electrical-, HVAC and sanitary technique.

One of our strengths is our focus on adapting services to the needs of the individual customer. This is to ensure necessary planning to a sufficient degree and to avoid unnecessary double work. 

This is the approach we take in all of our projects, regardless of their size.

From the start our activity has been based on monitoring, planning and the following-up of structural work in projects. It’s true to say that, in the last few years, a strong trend has developed amongst our customers into seeing the advantages of purchasing total project management services, in all stages of a project.
We have therefore, recently, concentrated deeply on the development of our competence in total project management and focus on interdisciplinary planning.
We are obliged, as an RIF member company, to have a quality management system. We have developed this in cooperation with our employees, to ensure we have the necessary routines, checklists and total system that work effectively on a daily basis. These systems, in turn, provide us with an efficient self-quality control.

Prosjektutvikling Midt-Norge AS has enjoyed a steady growth over the years. Today (in 2012) the company is made up of 28 employees, 10 civil engineers, 15 engineers, 1 architect and 1 technical designer and 1 secretary. 6 of our employees are approved RIF- members. 

We have a branch office in Stjørdal, 30km east of Trondheim, where the department chief has served the private and public market since 1985.
We have also a branch office in Frøya, an island west of Trondheim.

Our main market is middle-Norway, but with today’s technology we see no geographical limitations. We have had projects from Stavanger in the south, all the way up to Alta and Vadsø in the north.

One of our strengths is the speed in which we can establish projects, regardless of their location. 


 Focus areas:

  • Project management
  • Building and construction
  • Fire technology consultancy / fire safety
  • Electrical, HVAC and Sanitary Technology
  • Other Areas of Expertise